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are defending 10. missouri with akin and mccaskill, mccaskill looks like she's going to hold the seat. john tester in montana, looks like the democrat will hold. they will lose probably, definitely, north dakota and nebraska where bob kerry is coming back, but they very well might pick up indiana, benefit of richard mourdock and maine, angus king who is an independent and will caucus. you probably won't see a change. everyone believes the democrats will remain in control and that is not something, tom, they thought was going to happen at the start of the year. >> and let's look at the road map. mitt romney, three events in that virginia. the president heading out west to wisconsin, on the way to colorado and nevada. what do they do the next few days and what does it tell us about where they chose to travel on the few days remain something. >> there was a front-page story in the new york times. i think it's -- in terms of the latino vote. the president leads by 50 points and their idea is in colorado and nevada, a state which david axlerod said they would definitely win and a large latino vo
the last election. john mccain and george w. bush, three quarters of the likely boarders are going to support mitt romney in this election. >> what are catholics supposed to do this time around? to buy contraceptives for employees of the church and you turn around. the other side of cathol simp promotes the fact of giving to the poor and a lot of the democratic values? >> right. one of the things that you mentioned is that we have two vice presidential candidates who were both catholic and they both represent varying different emphasis of the catholic church in their own way. one of the things we're seeing this year is catholics really have two options. really presented to them and both faithful to catholic teaching. and teaching on social justice. a recent survey. we found that interestingly enough, they say that 2-1 is they would -- they would like to see an emphasis on church leaders from social justice issues and that divide falls out the way you think it would, 6-10 would like to see more emphasis on social justice. the footprints in the church are supporting obama and about 2
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2